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Working Group on Rightsizing the University

This working group evaluated the potential impacts of a variety of change scenarios for undergraduate student enrollment at the university, including scenarios for both increasing and decreasing enrollment.


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Working group on rightsizing the university, May 1, 2012 (Colgate e-mail login required)

Next Steps

The analysis of this group, which made no recommendations, served as background for discussions about Colgate’s size. No significant change in Colgate’s student population is seen as desirable.
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Executive Summary

The working group analyzed the various scenarios posed in the charge to the committee, working from the long-term budgeted forecast enrollment of 2,830.

Each scenario would have significant financial implications for the institution. In addition to financial implications, the working group examined how each of these scenarios would affect the academic program and other factors. FULL REPORT (COLGATE E-MAIL LOGIN REQUIRED)

Charge to the Committee

The charge of the rightsizing the university working group was to assess the impact of enrollment changes on:
  1. Physical space needs and related infrastructure
  2. Academic programs
  3. Admissions and financial aid
  4. Budget and long-term financial stability
  5. Extracurricular activities, including athletics
  6. Relationships with the village, including economic impacts
  7. Alumni engagement
  8. Other factors
The working group examined the following scenarios:
  1. Modest size increase of approximately 200 from the current target enrollment of 2,830.
  2. Modest size decrease of approximately 200 from the current target enrollment of 2,830
  3. Increase in enrollment to 4,000
  4. Decrease in enrollment to 2,000