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Working Group on Athletics

This working group evaluated the current architecture of the athletics program, and assessed the future opportunities and challenges facing the Division I athletics program at Colgate.


  • Chair: Ken Belanger, Raab Family Chair and Associate Professor of Biology; member of Advisory and Planning Committee
  • Vice ChairBrion Applegate '76, Board of Trustees; Vice Chair of Athletics Committee
  • Vicky Chun '91Vice President and Director of Athleticsmember of Advisory and Planning Committee and Committee on Athletics; former Senior Woman Administrator and Associate Director of Athletics
  • Mike Herling '79, Board of Trustees; Chair of Athletics Committee
  • Robert McVaugh, Professor of Art and Art History; member Committee on Athletics
  • David Roach, Former Director of Athletics; Former Member Committee on Athletics
  • Gary Ross '77, Vice President and Director of Admission
  • Trish St. Leger, Associate Provost; member of Committee on Athletics

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Working group on athletics final report, September 5, 2013 (login required)

Next Steps

The major recommendation of this working group, for a new athletics facility, has been approved within certain fundraising parameters. Additional recommendations have been considered by the Faculty Athletics Committee, and many will be implemented under its auspices and the leadership of the athletics director, Vicky Chun.
Lauryn Kobiela of the women's basketball team drives past a player from American

Executive Summary

This working group focused its research and discussion on five key areas:
  1. Finances and fundraising
  2. Facilities improvement
  3. Student-athlete experience and well-being
  4. Athletic scholarships and admissions
  5. Gender equity within athletics
We met on a weekly basis to carefully examine documents and data in these areas. In addition, members of the working group met with members of Colgate's coaching staff, academic faculty, student-athletes, and administrative staff. We held an open forum for faculty and staff, reported regularly to the Advisory and Planning Committee and Committee on Athletics on campus, and provided President Jeffrey Herbst with regular updates on our progress.

As a result of this review and these discussions, the working group reached consensus with respect to the overarching goals and objectives of Colgate's Division I athletics program, the guiding principles that should provide the framework for future decision making, and specific recommendations that are set forth in our final report.

Original Charge to the Committee

The charge of this working group, as defined in the strategic planning letter from President Herbst, was:

The architecture of the athletics program. It is important to offer an intercollegiate athletics program that is sustainable within the financial framework of Colgate, given our limited resources, but aspirations to succeed at a high level. Planning in this area should include assessment of the experience of student-athletes, whether our programs are meeting the needs and interests of our students, and the value of our intercollegiate program to the larger Colgate community.