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Working Group on Academic Excellence

This working group proposed one major initiative and several adjustments to current practices in order to advance the quality and reputation of Colgate’s academic experience.


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Working group on academic excellence final report, June 2012 (Colgate e-mail login required)

Next Steps

The central idea of this 2011-12 working group informed the sophomore residential seminars proposal that was funded by the Mellon Foundation and begun this academic year in Drake Hall with three courses. The report also informed the 2012-13 Living the Liberal Arts working group.
Academic Excellence

Executive Summary

This group approached its charge from an understanding that "everything was on the table," meaning that we were free to consider any and all ideas that could possibly strengthen Colgate and its image.

Out of the group's careful research and discussions, we arrived at a proposal for one major innovation, as well as several adjustments to current practices.

Original Charge to the Committee

The working group was charged with the following mission: To make recommendations aimed at enhancing the quality of academics at Colgate, and at raising Colgate's academic profile in the outside world.